Our new communications packages for 2021

‘Adapt, Recover, Rebuild’ – Reboot your business in 2021

2020 proved a tough and challenging year for most of us. Now it’s time to Adapt, Recover and Rebuild.


We truly care about helping SMEs and charitable organisations, and that’s why we are launching our new ‘Adapt, Recover, Rebuild’ packages of support. This year we are focusing on supporting organisations adversely affected by Covid-19. We want to help you find your way back to greatness.


Whether you’re looking to rebuild your business, improve your brand recognition, raise your profile, diversify your offering, or you have just lost confidence in your direction and you need some guidance, our 8 week focused support package has been specifically designed to help businesses make an impact in 2021.


At Pilkington Communications we are a small but mighty and dedicated team of former journalists and communications professionals. We understand the issues and challenges businesses and not for profit organisations face, and we know how to work with you to overcome them.


Investing in our ‘Adapt, Recover, Rebuild’ package will – we are confident – transform your year.


Our Package

Our concise, results driven package will be focused completely on your business goals and your exact needs – providing tangible outcomes that will truly make a difference.


We’ll be there by your side, as part of your team. You’ll get at least 50 hours of work over approximately 8 weeks, with every hour being used to help you meet and even exceed all your aspirations and objectives.


In just two months we will help make noticeable changes to your business. Working closely with you at every step, we will help take your organisation from where it is today to exactly where you want to be.


So, what will our package include? As we have said, we will tailor our support to meet your exact needs. Here are some examples of the work we do:


• Copywriting – updating and/or rewriting your website or promotional materials, creating case studies and testimonials, writing blogs, news stories and just about anything else you need to promote your business.


• Press releases – identifying headline grabbing story angles about your organisation to gain coverage in the publications and online sites you need and want a presence in.


• Social media content planning – designing and running image-led content across your key channels to promote your business, and anything and everything from your events and projects, to launches, products, campaigns and more.


The Process

We will work with you through a strategic process. We won’t just guess at how we can help you.


We will use our vast experience and training to make sure you’re given the best advice and support based on your individual requirements. The process will work a little like this:


1. Discovery
We’ll find out more about your business, your projects and services, as well as your aims and objectives.


2. Strategic planning
We’ll develop a strategy of how we can help, and we’ll work together to agree the next steps. We will then identify stakeholders, compile a timeline and get to know your team.


3. Delivery
This is the fun part, where the careful planning comes to life as we implement your PR and communications plan. You will quickly start to see the difference.


4. Results
We’ll demonstrate the PR and communications results against your objectives. Everything we do will be measured against the objectives we set out.


The Outcome

You only need to know what you’d like to achieve. It’s our job to guide you so we can help you achieve it. Sometimes some small changes can make a massive difference, other times we need to have bigger ideas. But this is what we do every day, and we’ve already helped many organisations – from sole traders through to larger charities – find their way through these difficult times and back on track to a brighter future.


We will work to targets and we will show you the results. Having learnt all about your organisation, we’ll also offer advice on what you can do moving forward – to enable you to maintain the momentum we will have started with you.


It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about where you’re going. Let’s put 2020 behind us and let’s Adapt, Recover and Rebuild and make 2021 the best year yet. We can’t wait to help you.



Our 8-week focused package costs £2,750. For this you’ll get at least 50 hours of dedicated support as we work towards achieving your individual business goals, as well as advice and guidance on what other activities you could do for the rest of the year to keep moving forward.


Whether you’d like to book your package now or contact us for more information, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.