Yesterday our Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Britons to avoid pubs, clubs, restaurants and theatres and to only make essential journeys in the “national fightback” against coronavirus.

No doubt, by the time you read this, there will have been many more announcements.

These are unprecedented and challenging times and here at Pilkington Communications we have been working closely with clients and business networks following the ever-changing advice and guidance fromgovernment and public health officials.

We are all too aware that, with this constantly changing situation, organisations will have public relations and social media requirements that have not been foreseen or planned for.

So, our team – as with so many others – are working above and beyond usual office hours.

Our message is clear – don’t stop communicating. One of ourclients has already slashed its PR budget, but this is quite simply not the time to do this. This is not, we believe, a wise step.

By all means rethink your approach to PR, but don’t stop communicating.

If you are cancelling events or product launches, for example, think about your messaging. Will you be seeking to postpone? Can your events/ announcements take place online? Adapt your social media messaging accordingly– as well as news stories and blogs.

Internal communications have never been more important. Make sure you clearly articulate to your employees how daily operations will beimpacted and what your home working policies – among others – are.

Try to understand what your partners and suppliers are doing to protect themselves and further operations. Make sure they are all fully informed about your company’s own protective measures.

Coronavirus is an ever-evolving crisis, packed with uncertainty. Make sure you assure clients, staff and stakeholders that your organisation is taking considered and formal steps to monitor the situation and is committed to promptly providing updates as necessary.

If you would like to discuss your arrangements, we are here to offer communications advice to all businesses – we are offering one hoursessions at no cost. Just get in touch. Now is the time to work together.

Email for advice.

Here are some links you may find useful for official updates and advice:

Public Health England (latest general advice) click HERE

Public Health England (updated daily with number of cases and risk level in the UK) HERE

Public Health England blog (this is regularly updated) click HERE

NHS click HERE

World Health Organization (WHO) click HERE

More specific guidance in relation to employees, employers and businesses:

Public Health England HERE

World Health Organization (WHO) HERE

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) HERE

Coronavirus campaign government resources (posters and materials) HERE

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