Our Clients

We are so proud of our clients – all charities, charitable trusts, social enterprises and SMEs committed to making a positive social impact

The majority of our clients are based in the South East Midlands – Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.


Here’s a flavour …


‘Co-creation’ and person centred care is key to all our charity clients and is integral to our PR approach with charities and social enterprises.

As well as internal and external communications we run a journalism club for autistic adults – and love it.

For this sector we specialise in awareness-raising and informative campaigns, donations, fundraising and volunteer recruitment, and event management.

Wellbeing & Green

We love working with organisations committed to wellbeing and the environment – and have extensive experience in this area. 


Our business is tucked inside Northampton’s historic home Delapre Abbey, which leads on a county-wide nature based wellbeing programme. Because the Abbey has charitable status our office rent is, wonderfully, making a difference.

Arts & Culture

We have over 20 years’ PR experience in this sector.

Arts and culture organisations preserve our cultural heritage and, just like the volunteers and professionals working in this sector, we have a passion for the arts and the vital role they play in shaping the world around us.

We have excellent contacts with trade and national arts and culture journalists and just love getting our clients the positive PR coverage they so deserve.

Social enterprises

Social enterprises are resilient, increasing in number and hugely benefit from PR.

Even a small about of PR – press releases, media coverage and a strategic approach to social media – can and does make a big difference. We ensure our PR aligns with an organisation’s overall objectives which means the results are always tangible – whether you are seeking to recruit, raise funds or simply stand out from the crowd.

“ Pilkington Communications are a very important and highly cherished members of our team, and to say they have made a difference to our charity’s profile and reputation across the county would be an understatement. ”

— John Bruce, Teamwork Trust

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with and knowing Jessica for 14 years. Jess worked for Northamptonshire Community Foundation and is a truly excellent, energetic and creative person to work with. She has an amazing, magnetic personality that shines through in all she does. Her passion for charities and the causes the Foundation supports has ensured a long and lasting legacy at the Foundation – and among the funds she set up were the high profile ‘Always a Chance Fund’, The Henry Martin Fund and The Margaret Giffen Fund.”

— Victoria Miles, Northamptonshire Community Foundation


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