Lockdown inspires collaboration

Lockdown has inspired collaboration – Jessica Pilkington, Director of Northampton-based Pilkington Communications, explains …

When COVID-19 struck we, like many companies, lost a couple of clients. Organisations, fearful of what the future would hold, rushed to cut costs.

PR and communication, despite being more important than ever during crisis, frustratingly became a casualty. But that has been short lived. Clients who initially reduced their budgets when lockdown hit have done a u turn and are now, once again, prioritising communications.

Our clients include charities that are keen to communicate with their service-users, businesses wanting to reassure customers that it is safe to shop, organisations keen to boost their profile and stand apart from competitors and business owners wanting to promote the different ways in which they are trading during the challenges of coronavirus.

So, instead of scaling back we are now recruiting, expanding, have a brand-new website (so excited) and are this month launching a new collaboration.

Just before lockdown we went to a local networking event and met Marie, the owner of Poppy Design Studio, a fellow Northamptonshire company based in Desborough. We talked about our clients – how ours often need design work and new websites and how hers repeatedly ask for copywriting and PR.

A potential match made in heaven we agreed.

So, during lockdown, thanks to our new-found love of Zoom technology we have been meeting, talking, and planning with Marie and her team.

Poppy Design Studio redesigned their own website during lockdown and then worked their magic on ours – treating us to a brand-new website, complete with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), graphics and a fresh focus on the user experience.

In turn we have drafted website content for Poppy Design Studio’s new site – ensuring key words are strategically used and placed to boost SEO which simply means boosting the visibility of a website on platforms such as Google and Internet Explorer.

Both our companies are now working together, we have joint clients and we have plans to launch a monthly networking event later this summer which will allow businesses from across the UK to attend a virtual event, share ideas and learn about marketing.

In April business leaders from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) warned that UK companies were running out of time to stay afloat amid the coronavirus outbreak. We need to work together and support each other to do all we can to stop this happening.

Together, we are stronger.

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